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Originally Posted by Mattress87 View Post
Anyway, I noticed that in the character select screen, every bit is used but 0040, which corresponds to the 6th channel. Following the pattern that the others use, I set the value to 004F, and this was the result:

Link: charselect_unused.mp3 (0.99 MB)

Hmmm...could it be that Taj was planned as playable character at one point, just as he ended up in the DS remake? It seems likely...

Play around with this code, you might find unused channels in other songs as well.
Amazing Find! Now I want to hear that mixed in with the other parts. Do you have the other channels ripped separate or know where I could find them so I can put it together? The one they have In game is a mess that doesn't play all the parts because it can't handle it.

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