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Originally Posted by Zeek View Post
or simply getting stuck. I recently played through BK once again (something I haven't done since the game came out, give or take), and have moved on to BT. I've played through it so many times, I've lost count, and don't recall ever having any problems. However, this time around, I've encounter a couple of times where the game just freezes or hangs. Thus far:
  • Frozen at the black screen during the transition when entering the Dodgem games in Witchy World.
  • Got stuck in an infinite loop at Hailfire Pikes during the fire side boss (after the dialogue that happens when you shoot the wrong type of egg at him, Banjo and him stayed there "talking," but nothing happened).

Anyone else have this happen, or something else freeze up BT? My game might be a bit dirty, I imagine, since twice now it wouldn't boot up right away.

(this is on the N64, btw. Not the XBLA copy.)
this kind of stuff usually happens when you're using an emulator. The first problem you listed used to happen when I went through the 50 note door in BK. If you're on the n64 i have no idea why that happens