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Ah, a sign of the times I suppose - it's not 2007 any more...
Luckily, I was fortunate to have someone on The Cutting Room Floor reach out to me with a ton of insight into the programming of the game.
From his investigation, it seems like the object for the pillar, as well as the cutscenes involving Crystal Caves are not found in the kiosk version - in fact, a number of cutscenes are missing, which indicates that Stop 'N' Swop could have been a late addition to the game.
Also, as it's been pointed out, the kiosk version itself could have been created long before it was needed for distribution in September of 1999, so the initial hypothesis that the game might have reflected an era just before its removal isn't the most solid.

It could in fact have been created in May, or June of 1999 and held back until the teaser campaign in September - we know that Stop 'N' Swop was removed some time following October 1st, 1999, but we don't have any firm dates on when its inception in Donkey Kong 64 would have taken place.

Still, even though we've hit a dead end, confirmation of non-existence is just as important in the pursuit of knowledge as confirmation of existence, so I'm very pleased and grateful that Tom from TCRF looked into it.

Since the original scans of the Donkey Kong bust/statue/trophy from the German strategy guide are a bit unfocused I have purchased a copy of the guide and I plan on taking a nice high-res scan of the object in question. I should have the mag by the end of the month, and I'll update the guide with the image when it arrives, so watch this space.

Thanks for everyone who took an interest and contributed, it's much appreciated.
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