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Originally Posted by Oz the Gay and Powerful View Post
Been playing A Link Between Worlds. The baseball minigame is completely ruining the experience for me though. I mean, challenge is cool and all but it has literally nothing to do with any of the mechanics you've learned over the course of the game. It throws a brand new set of rules at you and says okay get used to it. I've been at it for two years. It's ****ing horrible and the worst part is it's harder than anything in recent Zelda games. How the **** did this make it past playtesting?
Originally Posted by Derek View Post
This is one of the three remaining heart pieces I haven't gotten yet. It is absurdly hard and the stance in no way dictates where the ball lands. I gave up on this for now.
is it as hard as the ball-rolling minigame in the fishing lodge from Twilight Princess? man I hated that little game.
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