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been playing a bunch of Spyro lately, now that i have a comfy PS3 pad
before last week, i'd only played about an hour into the first one (like ten years ago) and never experienced 2 or 3 at all

playing through Spyro 1 was pure bliss, there's so much good about it - the universe itself is great, stage themes and color variety are excellent, controls feel amazing, the circumference of stage design feels satisfying in a proto-Mario Galaxy-kinda-way - it's simple and clean, and its kingdom has won over my heart

(i'm also a huge fan of the Pilotwings levels [the "flight" stages] and loved how well the game's OST matched the PW vibe)

so, i beat the first one pretty fast, and got close enough to 100%ing that i could go back and finsh whenever, but i decided to start up Ripto's Rage instead - a few hours in, there's a lot of issues that aren't SURPRISING but still kinda disappointing

there's so much artificial padding, and it isn't even like the levels need it - they're just as fleshed out as Spyro 1, but they insist on tedious teeth-pulling challenges anyway. the cutscenes are also really bad, but whatever, they're mostly skippable (though the dragons in 1 had a charm that feels sorely missed), and it has to be said that the Pilotwings stages feel much less finessed. otherwise it's still good, almost even great - just not nearly as cathartic!

Spyro Review Part II coming soon, whenever i finish the second game and play enough of the third
for now:

Spyro the Dragon: 4/5
Spyro 2: Ripto's Rage!: 3.499999/5

forget about the hit or miss, our naivety was bliss
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