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Well it's an original idea, certainly. I'm not sure when the two games came out in relation to each other, but it seems to me that this could be a tad unlikely. I'm not dismissing (I'm really not) but my (admittedly minor) experience of game programming teams leads to me beleive they would have a job on their hands to cooperate with each other in a complicated thing like this. And what reason do the Yoshi team have to do something like that at what is, really, the mere whim of Rare.
Still, a new mystery for my list;
Gruntilda WHAT?; In the final sequence of BT, in fact at the very end of the boss battle a suprisingly, very very suprisingly, big deal is made out of Gruntilda's last name; Winkybunion. Why? It's repeated again and again to great hilarity among the game characters, but to the complete and utter mystification of players. And while we're on the subject the whole ending is wierd. First everyone is brought back to life and runs away to barricade themselves in Bottles house and not congratulate you. Then you defeat Grunty, and arrive too late to the party, only to find no food and no fun, so you return to the desolate top of Grunty's tower (???!!) and play football, or soccer depending on your preference with the witches head. Then there's a wierd bit with a UFO and Gruntilda says something silly about Banjo Threeie.
To me it seemed like an alternative ending for people who hadn't done as well in the game as others. A kind of booby prize. So far all this has led me to discover is a nagging feeling that I've missed something fundamental in the game.
If anyone is near to the end of the game, I'd be obliged if they could post a detailed description of notable events and dialogue from the tower of tradegy onwards.