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Lightbulb B3 idea: Banjo-Kazooie-Grunty

A few years ago I had an idea for a new Banjo game that I want to share with you guys. I made a thread for it on DK Vine and people seemed to like it, but it kinda got away from me since then. And since CaptainBlackeye (the user, not the pirate) made a thread here for his idea, I thought, hey, why not?

So my idea is called Banjo-Kazooie-Grunty (the name is open to debate, since some people on DK Vine didn't like it). The gimmick is that Grunty's hopping skull follows you wherever you go, and you can use her to do all sorts of things, from attacking to solving puzzles.

For example, you could kick Grunty's skull into an enemy to defeat it. Or you could jam it between two spinning cogs to stop a mechanism turning. Think of the skull as an all-purpose tool like a boomerang or Captain America's shield, only it's Grunty, and she's being knocked about and abused the entire time.

I'd initially thought that this game wouldn't have a hub world, like Mario Odyssey, but then I thought, nah, forget that, it's very un-Banjo. It's more fun to explore a hub, looking for jigsaws to complete and worlds to open.

Some world ideas:
  • A medieval fantasy world. Kings, knights, wizard, castles, dragons, unicorns, a moat with alligators in it, Robin Hood, etc. A nice green "introductory" world like Mumbo's Mountain or Mayahem Temple.
  • A space station or lunar base of some kind. Ray guns, robots, rocket ships, flying saucers, jetpacks (but not butlers) and slobbering alien beasts. Think Future Fun Land from Diddy Kong Racing. The transformation is a moon rover.
  • An Asian world. A bamboo forest, a great walled city, a monastery on a snowy mountaintop, a serpentine dragon soaring through the clouds, yetis, fireworks, raiders on shaggy ponies.
  • Grunty's old witch school, a parody of Hogwarts (Hagfarts?). Lecture halls, an enchanted library full of fluttering grimoires, a gymnasium (Grunty's skull becomes the ball), long cobwebbed corridors where the brooms do all the sweeping. "It may be a school, but this place has no class!"
  • A world of Greek myth, divided into a "topside" of Doric columns and rolling green hills and a grim, fiery "underside" (think Hailfire Peaks). Club-swinging cyclopes, a statuary, an amphitheater, prancing nymphs, Cerberus, the river Styx, a labyrinth, lightning from Olympus, etc. The Zeus is loose.

So I need three or four more levels, preferably including a unique take on a water level. Any ideas?
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