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Now I am awake.Well, when I say I didn't agree I actually meant I did not agree with the "If Rare had not gone to Microsoft" statement.

I think it is possible that the eggs from Banjo Kazooie once swapped could have been given to a character in the game, that needed all 6 of the eggs, and would give you one BIG prize, as opposed to 6 prizes for swapping them. The Ice key, used for unlocking something!

The Birds in click clock wood that have a movie scene after you kill one, made me wonder...Big Birds...Big ? eggs....

I once thought maybe when you swap you could "throw" an egg through one of those holes the "Big Cluckers" fall out from.

And alternatively if the ? eggs did unlock 6 different prizes, then I am guessing, Devil Bottles (aka Bottles revenge) would have been a reward.

I like the idea about the Mumbo pads in Banjo Tooie in the worlds in Grunty's lair such as TTC, and Mumbo could use them to raise the island. Then go back to BK with this information saved, and then go and get the secret egg inside it.

Rare said on their site once under the BK section: "How will we swap these items over? It's very clever you will see"

Something similar to that anyway.

This post is kinda muddled and could have been presented better but who cares?
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