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This is orginal 8th November 2001 Scribes:

NOVEMBER 8, 2001

Dear Scribey-like glowing thingies,
I got a few questions that I have spent hours and hours pondering over like several mad doctors do.
1. I recently saw a Banjo-Tooie montage, and I was wondering why there was a pic of a RED Bottles with a pitchfork in his hand, I have never seen him in the game, what exactly is it?

Ah, good. Start with a rubbish one.
1. itis dEV1L #BOtTaLS!!1/! HEis in aSECrerT su#bGAEm cAlleD ,B0TalS rEViNGE!!!@!

Wasn't always Rare mentioned as "secret" something that releate to Stop N Swop?There is another possible SNS releate to BR.Another Scribes!

MARCH 11, 2005

Also, can you believe (and I'm serious; I don't think these people were joking), that some people actually decided to go look for BK3 in Grabbed by the Ghoulies, due to Mr. Mayles' crack about it? I mean, Stop N Swop was fun to look for, but really - can't we all move on?

Now, let's see what our Ghoulies designer friend has to say about the BK3 'controversy'...
"No, I didn't expect anyone to look for BK3 in Ghoulies, but then again I didn't expect the ashes of the ashes of the ashes that was once Stop n' Swap to keep being raked over. The guys at the Rare Witch Project have come pretty close to solving that, but of course we're not going to reveal the whole truth to them as it would spoil their fun. They'll need all their hacking prowess if we ever release BK3 as not only will it connect to the first two games, but WOPPA from War Games and the NASA mainframe. Maybe even Captain Skyhawk 2.

This scribes was from March 2005.BR was discover in September 2004.Rare said that RWP has pretty close to solve Stop N Swop.Maybe they comment that RWP found Stop N Swop prize in Banjo-Tooie-Bottles'Revenge?
RWP has pretty close because they found prize but they not found legal way to unlock it.I wonder why Rare put both in GBTG Stop N Swop homework and Devil Bottles pictures?Maybe Rare try tell us something?
Its looks like that Stop N Swop can unlock Bottles'Revenge.

Possible SNS prizes:
Bottles'Revenge and secret level.

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