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Originally Posted by FyreWulff View Post
I always just assumed the Ice Key text was left over from it being the same engine as BK and BT. Build off the same code, and there's going to be some 'leftovers' from the other games.

However, checking to see if anything looks for an ice key as posted earlier would be a good idea. If they were in fact planning on having a swap-fest between all their post-BK BK-engine games, the Ice Key would have been the best item to swap between BK and DK, and keep the eggs for BT.

Now if your game is quite far along, and suddenly SnS isn't possible anymore due to N64 hardware updates, it might be easier to just set the Ice Key flag to 'on' permanently so that any SnS hooks don't have to be reworked. And/or the Ice Key might count towards the game's completion percentage - someone should play the game (or use a GS code) and see if you can still get the full % complete with the Ice Key flag disabled.
Game engines contain code that is essentially the foundation of a game, not it's actual content, so content related code would not spill over into games just because they share an engine, if so, games like Rainbow Six Vegas would have bits of Gears of War code somewhere in there, seeing as they both use the Unreal Engine.

The games were developed side by side, so it's not like they just ripped banjo kazooie's code and edited it to be donkey kong 64, therefore the ice key couldnt be something just left behind in the code from a different game.
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