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Originally Posted by FyreWulff View Post
You'd be surprised. 99% of Tiberian Sun's text from it's missions are in Red Alert 2, Westwood just added the Red Alert 2 mission text on top of the Tiberian Sun ones.

If you've got an engine already, it would make sense to have a pre-existing item to test out early Stop n Swop, so you'd just leave the Ice Key in there.

Edit: and the reason that there would never be Gears stuff in Rainbow Six is because all Epic gives you is 'generic' code. Where a developer that builds all their stuff in-house is probably just going to fork the latest stable build of the engine, usually the latest version of their last game. It's just that some developers do a much better clean up job than others. It's so painfully obvious that DK64 was basically a Banjo re-skin with some new mechanics and so on duct taped onto it. (Want to bet that Lanky's hand-run is the same code as the talon trot?) I'm almost positive that the first DK64 alphas probably had Banjo running around them before they got DK in there.
That's because they are lazy. You don't see that kind of stuff too often, especially between two games that were being developed at the same time, there isn't much room for one to be running off of the finished code of the other. I have no doubt that the engine is the same, and that they may have shared code back and forth, such as the talon trot you said, but things like the ice key and stuff probably weren't added when the engine was built, but way after, at a point where both games were so far into development that they were completely isolated from each other, I dont see any way how the ice key would of just been in there from Banjo.
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