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I'm confused on a few timelines..

First off, the N64 was released, what, two years after Banjo-Kazooie came out (Long after the Nintendo 64's extra memory was dropped)? And Stop 'N' Swop was still kept in the finalized version of Banjo-Kazooie.

During Banjo-Kazooie's development, RARE was also developing Donkey Kong 64, and were at least probably testing Stop 'N' Swop with both games (I say "probably" because since there is technically no proof that the ice key in Donkey Kong 64 was used for testing SnS, as likely as that is, it isn't a fact). So if the 64's extra memory got canned far before SnS was officially shown in the finalized version of Banjo-Kazooie, even if it was originally planned to be used for SnS early on, isn't it more realistic that Donkey Kong 64's expansion pak was used for swapping (especially since that's the game that was found with a fragment of SnS in it and the one that needed the expansion pak)?

I also think it's an odd-yet irrelevant-coincidence that the Stop 'N' Swop in Tooie was gotten through game "paks".