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The large stack of SnS theories

July 06: Odd extension of land in JRL
July 06: Daydream’s SnS ideas.
June 06: A Pinkbull theory.
April 06: BGS crocodile eyes: SnS related? You decide.
November 05: Evil Psycho’s SnS theories: Various ideas
November 05: Extra keys: No.
November 05: Some kind of SnS editorial. Long post ahead
October 05: Game and Watch’s theory on item order.
August 05: The ? marks around Grunty’s Furnace Fun
August 05: 64DD and SnS speculation
August 05: 64DD and SnS speculation
July 05: Speculation on why SnS could still be there
July 05: Ice Key access theory…Banjo’s banjo successfully derails another thread.
July 05: SnS cutscenes? No.
July 05: Extra ice in the scenery.
August 04: Possible reason as to why SnS fell through: Rambus. Long topic alert.
July 04: Something about MMM windows. Not completely SnS related.
August 03: A very short conversation about the background private room in Blubber's.
Aug/Sep 03: Fake Rareware interview? (Dead link anyways, but decent discussion still)
August 03: (One Disc BK/BT Remake)

The other stuff that’s old but still worth a look:

April 06: BT speed runs and the like
April 06: The Banjo-Threeie Flash Animation Discussion Thread. 1 of a million.
05: More Adult humor in the BK series
December 05: Full reset code for BK (PAL VERSION ONLY)
October 05: Lament makes a thread worth noting even if it is 4 years late. (Breaking the CCW boulder in Spring)
August 05: JRL float glitch
August 05: Old BK/BT commercials
August 05: BK texture mapping by cyberen
August 05: Small amount of info on how the RWP video were created. (Only one in particular)
July 05: Basic GS help
November 03: Old thread about a DK test map.
October 03: This is a thread about Bottles.
October 03: Old Scribe answers and project cancellations (May or may not have dead links; didn’t check)
September 03: Initials on the wall in GR.
September 03: Grunty’s Revenge ending stuff and secrets (which are basically non-existant.)
September 03: Someone that was apparently here but waaaay before my time.
September 03: BK:GR Glitch.
August 03: Gold’s in Scribes!
August 03: Old stuff about the RWP videos and DivX help (very outdated)
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