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Originally Posted by Mombi Jombo View Post
Are my times so far?

Klungo 1 - 0:21.50 - Good
Klungo 2 - 0.16.60 - Good
Klungo 3 - 0.21.40 - Good
Targitzan - 1:22.50 - Don't be afraid to spam the blue eggs at Targitzan, you have 100 for the boss. When the Moggies are summoned, switch to grenade eggs and immediately switch back.
Old King Coal - 0:13.90 - Good, but if you're quick, you can shave off about 5 seconds
Mr Patch - 1:33:30 - Shoot from the ground, never use the flight pads. If you're quick you can do this in 50 seconds.
Lord Woo Fak fak - 2:30:20 - PRACTICE PRACTICE PRACTICE! Use the Talon Torpedo to pop the boils. If you're skilled enough, you can get all 6 in 20 seconds, then either continue using Talon Torpedo or Grenade eggs on his eyes! 60 seconds isn't impossible, it just takes practice and patience!
Terry - 1:11.60 - You can shave off about 25 seconds here if you shoot the grenade eggs as quick as possible. If you're lucky, you can K.O. her in two attempts.
Weldar - 1:26.50 - Let Weldar crush you when he jumps up in the air, and wonderwing the enemies he spits out
Chilly Willy - 0:53.60 - Good
Chilli Billi - 0:35.70 - Good
Mingy Jongo - 0:15.00 - Good
HAG 1 - N/A - Just remain near an egg nest and spam Ice eggs. When she shoots the Mortar Cannon, use invincibility to save time. Try to remain near the exhaust when she chases you, and don't worry about the gruntlings towards the end, or if you have to deal with them, hit them once with an ice egg.
Follow these instructions and you should be able to get the achievement easy.
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