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Oh man, this thread brings back memories.

Originally Posted by Mr. Fit View Post
Klungo 1: 0.21.00
Klungo 2: 0.15.23
Klungo 3: 0.21.53
Targitzan: 0.49.24
Old King Coal: 0.06.65
Mr. Patch: 0.59.95 So close to a minute!
Lord Woo Fak Fak: 2.34.56
Terry: 0.23.40 Easy boss.
Weldar: 1.01.39
Chilli Billi: 0:25:13 Spam Ice Eggs for easy win.
Chilly Thumb-Bleed: 0:54:69 My thumbs begin to literally BLEED.
Mingy Jongo: 0.10.34
Hag 1: 2.59.31

This speedrun took me 59 tries, but it was worth it. I'm not called Mr. Fit for nothing!
Most of those times are pretty much fantastic, but I have to ask how it is you got non-zero digits at the end of most of your times? Did you use an alternate method of timing yourself, or is there something I'm missing?

You also beat a few of our records as well, your Terry and Chilli Billi ones in particular being more than several seconds faster!
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