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I'm not sure if anyone still messes around with the Donkey Kong 64 kiosk version, but if they do it would definitely be worth looking further into the code for both Crystal Caves and the Museum of Creepy Castle.
Because the date of the kiosk build is from September of 1999, and Stop 'N' Swop was requested to be removed on October 1st, 1999, it's entirely possible that these early areas (if they are viewable) contain their original intention for Stop 'N' Swop.

If you can get Crystal Caves working, you would want to check out the area where Chunky can use the Gorilla Gone pad near the entrance; to the left of this pad will be a small square chamber that will likely be blocked by a wall with a keyhole in it - this did not make it into the final game.

If you can get Creepy Castle's Museum working, you would want to check out the area where Tiny Kong's pillar can be seen; there should be an object that looks like a golden Donkey Kong bust on the top of the pillar.

I'm sure that this would be in the kiosk, it just depends on how difficult it would be to get it working.
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