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Announcing the BKArchive

Today, Christmas Day 2013, I'm officially announcing the BKArchive (if you hadn't guessed already )

'So what is the BKArchive?' you ask?
Well, the BKArchive is meant to be your one-stop-shop for all things Banjo-Kazooie (and a few other Rare things, which are necessary). Whether your looking for a specific fanfic, or the very first Nuts and Bolts commercial, the BKArchive's got your back. It is built to be a digital time-capsule so you can bury it with a host computer and dig it up in whoever many years!

'Great, but why can't I download it?'
The trouble is, the total archive is close to 4GB, which is tough to host (and upload, for that matter). Plus, I'm still hunting for content after about 3 months (yes, that's what I've been doing ). Instead, I'm asking everyone that can to email me their BK stuffs so I can add them, and hopefully have a full release before Valentines Day. To email your things, attach your file (or a text file containing a link) to When emailing things, I won't get a message in the normal email. To send a message along with you file, I would advise you to make a .zip archive and put your message as a .txt file inside, along with whatever you are attempting to send...

Merry Christmas, and please help me with the BKArchive!

Here's a general idea of what's inside:

Everything in bold has grown!

Number of Video Game Audio Files (soundtrack + sfx): 3,470
Number of Fan Songs: 431
Number of Fan Games: 22 (including all demos)
Number of Piano Sheet musics: 83
Number of Spritesheets: 143
Number of Fan Images: 232
Number of Images in the Texture Packs: 8,957
Number of Game Manuals: 7
Number of Concept Art images: 140
Number of Official Artwork: 320
Number of Videos (both fan and not): 16
Number of ROMs: 24
Number of Fan Documents (theories, fanfics, etc.): 61

EDIT: I've attached the general FAQ that will be included with the BKArchive. Look there before posting and see if your question can be answered there.

EDIT EDIT: The above mentioned FAQ was...waaaaaay outdated, so it's been removed. That method of help was changed to a simple jumpstart Readme.txt. However, please ask for help here if you still need it!

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