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Hello again to everybody here at The RWP.

I've updated the first title to advertise the need for beta testers.
Great, you say, I'd love to beta test!
Before I'll allow you to, please read the following information, for warnings, and to see if you qualify.

1. I'd appreciate some feedback. If you're usually not very active, or don't think you can actually "test" the archive, don't bother.

2. If you have feedback, make it worth making you a beta tester. I know this is just a silly little Banjo related project, and I will come out very soon, but I'd like some decent feedback. I don't want Great, no problems. Can I re-upload this?. Something constructive.

3. Please don't repost the things here. You are free to do so when it release, so long as you include an attribution along side it.

If you're interested, submit a .txt file to the previously mentioned email, PM me, or post below.
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