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Sheesh is that box art cool. Maaann... such a treat to see anything development-related for Banjo. A relic from that brief year or two spent in secrecy, when a team of a few crafted a masterpiece that would be cherished by millions for years to come.

And that sticky note is hilarious!

Originally Posted by TheGreatNi View Post
If you look close at it, I'm almot certain it's spiral mountain that they're in...
Yeah! It's so clear now - obviously Spiral Mountain on the prototype, and now looking at the final it's obviously Spiral Mountain with some extra jungly foliage added. I never puzzled that out until now, always just looked like a completely unique area made for the box.

(Though I don't blame myself or anyone else who didn't make the connection earlier - there's nothing in Spiral Mountain even remotely jungly....)
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