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Well for hag 1, I know like how to do it, i just dont know any silly little tricks to shave time, i have ideas, like during the mortar stage stay in front of her as much as you can so she fires the things off, but i doubt it matters how many times it fires before the next round of fighting. Hag 1 is really just a matter of beating the witch without taking multiple rounds (getting all 10 damage in the 1 group of fighting). if you do the rest of the bosses good enough, you can get em all in under 10 minutes. hey, if i can do it, you can! . I have no previous practice with fps or nothing and i did it all just fine, i still have tons of time to shave too, like i could with effort and luck get a good 2 more minutes off my time and im TENTH PLACE lol. people just need to know the tricks to terry and weldar etc.
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