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You beat me! I had the same idea for a thread, but then again I spent the last 8 hours playing Rare Replay.

0. Rare Replay is the best game ever. /undeniablefact
1. Jetpac: It's ridiculously easy thanks to the rewind function.
2. Lunar Jetman: I don't have the slightest idea what to do.
3. KI Gold: I don't have the slightest idea how to play, I keep dying. Shouldn't they add a tutorial or something?
4. Menu themes: They're all adorable.
5. Previously unseen: A bit disappointed by the lack of several titles, but amazing nonetheless. Moreover, it's really cool to see Sundown and Tailwind, since there is nothing about them around the internet.
6. Grabbed by the Ghoulies: It looks gorgeous on 1080p.
7. Nintendo 64 games FPS: People have been complaining about this, but I personally can not.
8. Ticket: It's an awesome idea, I love that you unlock concept arts/music by collecting ticket stamps.

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