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Originally Posted by The Banjonator View Post
So N64 FPS is still in the 20's?
Conker and Blast Corps both ran great. Honestly, the biggest performance issues were with Nuts and Bolts, though they say a patch is coming soon. That was almost unplayable at times. Can't say anything bad about N64 games that I tried.

I skipped around a ton last night, ended up spending a bunch of time playing Jetpac and RC Pro Am, because those games are damn good. I'm not sure that Solar Jetman is even a video game, if somebody could explain to me how to play it, that would be cool. I'm honestly going to try and beat as many of these as fast as I can, because some of those special features... apparently there's a track from Dream in there. Also Kameo 2 concept art. It's a gold mine for us.
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