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Originally Posted by bobbynicjr
i would say they would have just left those areas out of the game, imagine if rare put sns in, would we be here today?
Yes we would. This fine website was founded before the release of "Banjo Tooie" to try to figure out Stop N' Swop before Rare actually spilled the beans. Of course, Rare never spilled the beans and possibly never will, but we would still exist because, as a wise user once said, the Rare Witch Project is a site about Rareware, not SNS exclusively.

About what we would have found, my bet is Bottles' Revenge. If not, then maybe the dinky secrets we received for finding the secret items within the game itself would be the actual rewards, for it seems to me that we've thought about SNS so much since we've regarded it as 'lost' that we started to think that the fruits of our labor would be much greater than what they actually would have been.
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