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Stop N Swop Station has Arisen!!

The next wave of revelations in Stop N Swop has finally arisen today with Stop N Swop Station which you can visit by clicking this link: It has taken me weeks upon weeks to complete, but it's finally here! Key features currently include:

-Proof that Bottles' Revenge could be unlocked WITHOUT a Gameshark

-The possibility of maybe TWO secret levels

-Absolute proof that two of the eggs are probably fake

More stuff is on the way, including context that a "secret level has been hidden away like a priceless gem..."

But for now, check out Stop N Swop Station and enjoy! There's tons of info in there and mysteries and such looked at in a whole new way. Discuss those new, and some old, revelations here or if you want, start your own individual topics on each!

**And please don't mistake this for an advertisement! I would hate for it to be locked! I've just made a ton of different discoveries and looked deep into some old ones and stuff and just wanted to reveal to everyone. *

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