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I jumped out of my seat in excitement when I read the title! The 31st is gonna be an amazing day! Banjo's Backpack, and the Banjo Symphony! Banjo Symphony's not free, though... so I'm out of luck for that one.

I just hope Banjo's 15th turns out better than Sonic's...

That's my plot right now for the first "game"/set of levels I'm making with this. 15th Banjo anniversary and Grunty ruins the party. And I'll make that same Sonic joke, too. Why an adventure? Because... time travel! Grunty of NAB found a creature in its primordial form with abilities even she was unable to master - it could control time and space. In order to perfect it, she needed someone just as smart as she is - and the only person that smart is herself. The Grunty of BK was happy to help. They used the creature to capture Banjo's friends, flinging them through time to bait their trap. Banjo and Kazooie also find their N64 counterparts. How could Grunty win when Banjo beat her all the time? Now there's Tooie of him!


Maybe I should stop there before I go overboard with this - yes, I'm just joking. Don't worry that's absolutely silly. Although I may use that 15th anniversary part, just not... everything after that.
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