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It is strange.. Some tracks are have totally diferent names compared to the first OST.. Even the ones Steve Burke gave me differ. It makes me wonder weather or not this was a first party release? Anyway, I emailed Mr. Burke.. Hopefully he will have some answers, and buying information.

Thorn's Pass - Fight for the Pass has been renamed to Fly to Thorn's Pass


New tracks:
Strange Forest
Dark Woods
(forest theme, super-extended)
Jungle Path (either forest theme, or mountain theme super-extended)
Battle Drums
Cursed Temple, but it is the mountain theme extended, too.
Epilogue is a piano medly of one of the other songs that weren't new..
After the Credits is totally new, and has some piano tunes.. which I suspected played by Steve
Goodbye, Steve Burke was included in some of the old game trailers.
Trailer Theme (Demo) sounds new to me.. I think. Not sure on this one
Suite for Orchestra & Choir (Demo) has some of the tracks from the game, some from the Kameo Meledy, and some new... scratch that, I think the second three fourths of it is one of the meledy

The Airship Fleet is a mash up of Pass Prelude, First Fight, Shadow Troll Defeated, Water Temple Battle Preludes..
Confronting Thorn is one of the WaterTemple Battle Preludes..
The Legend Unfolds (End Credits Part One) isn't part of the end credits.. It also includes part of Battle Over the Bridge, which is Legends Unfold with drums... But it is mixed nicely. VERY NICE!
Staff Roll (End Credits Part Two) was just known as the credits tune..
Kameo's Song (End Credits Part Three) was previously known as Deadlines, Singing, and Random Words
E3 Presentation (Demo) has some of the mountain battle songs.. and one of the hut songs
Main Theme (Demo) was in the Medley on Rares site, later named Heros Theme no real players were hurt in the making of this track, version 1, a bit slower with some drums thrown in for good measure
Battle Theme (Demo) is Drok's Battle, the robot troll
Let's Get Wild (Bonus Track) Is the BK theme
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