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TwinBee 3 - Poko Poko Daimaou (NES)

"This has nothing to do with Banjo-Kazooie."


Mumbo's tribal lineage dates back to ancient times (the 1980s). In these earlier generations, shamanic skull-masks bore three eyeholes instead of the two-eyed version that we see Mumbo wearing. The central eye represented the Third Eye chakra, a representation of shamanic ability to "See what is unseen," including awareness of and access to worlds behind the ordinary veil of what most recognize as reality. Wearing this mask distinguished one as a High Shaman, one who held a mastery of magic and a connection with planes beyond the terrestrial.

The Stop 'N' Swop artifacts were long-kept secrets of these worlds beyond, but awareness of their existence had been lost by the Age of the Witch. Shamanic magical arts were still accessible, manipulation of the Akasha and Prana (the blue and gold energies, respectively, that we see coming from Mumbo's wand during transformations) for transfigurative purposes being one example. But the veil between worlds had been apparently sealed, and so was gone the ability to walk between them. It was not until cryptographic expertise had deciphered the hieroglyphs of the Treasure Trove Cove sandcastle--in actuality, an shrine built atop a powerful leyline--where selective spells codified into the ancient proto-machinery of the stucture used the leyline energies to open up access to sections of these worlds beyond.

(Later, of course, with the leyline coordinates deciphered, GameShark™ technology provided an alternate means of access through "cracking open" dimensional rifts at will even outside of the sandcastle's primary hub.)

A lingering question is, with these formerly-forgotten secrets now revealed once again, will Mumbo restore the triclopean imagery of his lineage's old mask in future iterations of the series? Perhaps the biggest mystery, however, is whether or not his story--and that of his friends--has a future at all...
Are you really sure? Yes, I'm sure Clicking this link will show a major spoiler. Don't do it if you don't want to know! Show Me!

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