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The League of Extraordinary Members!

So I am going to write a fan fic based on you guys, also you each get to choose a special power!

There are three rules on choosing your power

1. It cannot be overpowered for example: DEATH RAY!!!!!!one111
2. It must be helpful to the story
3. Your wonderful ability has a flaw however I will be deciding that

Character Sheet

Rwp Name/Nickname:
Friendships: (can be edited once others join)

I require five characters to start this, not including myself!


1.Name: Gobi Power: Controls fire Flaw: Bursts into flame at random times
2.Name: Bobby Power: Time Control Flaw:At dawn he is a toddler, at midday he is a teenager and at night an old man
3..Name: Bobby Power: Time Control Flaw:At dawn he is a toddler, at midday he is a teenager and at night an old man
4..Name:BanPower: Energy ProtectionFlaw: The energy shield keeps growing
5..Name: YellowKazooie Power: Powerful BeakFlaw: stays human her nose just gets really, really big!
6..Name: Metalherooftime Power: Can break the fourth wall and nullify abilitiesFlaw: Extremely Unlucky also acts like L.O.G
7..Name: Dark Jinjo Power: Sharingan Flaw:Cannot Swim
8..Name: Galactic MarioPower: Has the powers of nintendo characters Flaw:When using these powers will become obese
9..Name: RaptorPower: Controls darkness and shadow Flaw:Alergic reaction to sun light
10..Name: Jinji Power: HydrokenisisFlaw:Cannot swim
11..Name: Kaz Power: Flys and can do a beakbomb Flaw: During flight if she doesn't land in time she plumets
12..Name: Jubilee Power: Has living hair Flaw: If the hair does not get a steady stream of commands it goes out of control
13..Name: Mr.L Power: Cyrokenisis Flaw: When ever he is near a Kenisis of the oposite type he will get the unreal urge to freeze them

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Chapter 2
Chapter 3
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8

Chapter 9

Chapter 10

Chapter 11

Chapter 12

Chapter 13

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