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Originally Posted by weighta View Post
Ok, I sent you a private message Called "Can You Do It For Me Please? "
I'm sorry, I shouldn't have bribed you.^ (that was really dumb of me).
Originally Posted by mojobojo View Post
Weighta, I took a quick look. What you are going to need to do is download and compile my CAFF extractor (can be found here) and extract the file "Game\Bundle\4f\234cec". There will be a file output with the name "aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcart,1219826133,3. 32". There are some other files like that too. Those are the vehicle files that I think need to be modified.
How do I use your Github Caff Extractor? To get the "aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcart,121982613 3,3. 32" file? There is no .exe run your program?
If I need to learn Java to do it, or stuff like that, then may I just request an old 234cec file with a vehicle already modified to it? < It might be a better idea, I don't know. But anyway. Thank You For helping me out with taking a quick look on your other reply!

By the way, I figured out which vehicle to modify!

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