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Originally Posted by The Colonel View Post
my favorite mod is the one that changes the dialog system back to the old one and removes the main character's voice acting. giving the main character voice acting was a terrible decision, and i refuse to support it
Ha ha cool.

I've figured out how to "change" the vehicle in showdown town, but not customize it;

What I did:

I dis-corresponded the those referenced vehicle parts in the 685374 file in; "Game/Bundle/50". The second time I spawned the Trolley, the game registered the specified parts in the 685374 file. (Which I had removed).
Though you think this is dumb, it's extremely awesome to me. And it's what I dreamed of doing; just at least "changing" the vehicle - This is a start to "Vehicles Around Town".
And if *sometime* out there in the void of unknown thoughts... I change the referenced Small Engine, to a Super Engine. (So that the Trolley registers the super engine). I just would then have made the BIGGEST mod of my life, and most happy one. The 234cec file must contain compressed Trolley code, because I've tried changing code I "thought" was it, but nothing happens; and I've tried my save on all Trolley MK.'s

That's why I NEED to get CAFF extractor working. But my Visual Studio must have compiling issues or something, because once I build, release, compile, or run through Debug, the program opens, and then closes. Meaning there's something wrong with it.

EDIT Now I'm modifying the .xex... and here's my progress so far !!!

EDIT Welp : ( I didn't get that working. It only changed the game strings. Not what it actually does.
Right now, my brain is like 95% clueless to customize the vehicle in showdown town. I've searched for the Trolley vehicle code EVERYWHERE in EVERY file, and spent atleast 39 hours this week JUST TRYING TO FIGURE IT OUT. It just picks me back up to mojo's suggestion in the 234cec file.
I know he's right because the file contains "golfcart" strings:
Originally Posted by mojobojo View Post
There are some other files like that too.
aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcarthigriptyres,121 9826144,3.32
aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcart,1219826133,3.3 2.

aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcartintrocutscene,1219826151,3 .32.
aid_dialog_banjox_showdowntown_bottles_golfcart,12 17585660,3.24.
aid_dialog_banjox_showdowntown_bottles_recallgolfc art,1217585954,3.24.
aid_script_banjox_showdowntown_intro_getingolfcart ,1220346106,4.90.

These "strings" are files...
That, CAFF extractor extracts...

So until he's Online and I can talk to him,
I can surely figure out this out. My eyes hurt from all that Hex editor whiteness so I need to take a *small* break.

I'll have you all know that I WILL *NOT* give up on this though.

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