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Since I have no hacking ability to speak, nor any hacking equipment, I have decided to follow the Hercule Poirot approach to mysteries; Let the detectives rush around and find clues, and I will sit back and use 'The little grey cells of the mind' and try and divine an answer in that way.
Thus I (and, I hope any like minded people) am going to compile a list of unexplained occurences in both games and see if any kind of pattern or meaning emerges.

1. Stop 'n' Swop; Three (I think) items, two eggs and the ice key are shown to you as a reward at the end of Banjo-Kazooie, and we were promised access not only to them, but to the old worlds, or at least relevant bits of them. Instead we get puny bouncing game packs, and items which are physically too small and provide inferior rewards.
I can't remember which eggs were shown in the BK end sequence. This could be important.

2. More Items?; Before BT came out hackers not only found ways to get the original items, but found more eggs as well. Why hadn't Rare mentioned these? When any of the items were collected a new screen was added to the pause menu, the Stop 'n' Swop screen. items on the menu spun around, but were observed to spin more quickly at diffeent times and in different places. This seems to be random, but it is theorized that they spinning could be used to detect other SnS items.
Also the Sandcastle codes were detected at this time allowing people to get the items by supposedly legitimate means. However a lack of grand movies suggests that these codes are debug codes, not legitimate at all.
It might be helpful for someone who knows to make out a timeline of when the various codes (gameshark and debug) were discovered, when the extra eggs where discovered and so on.

That's a long enough post for the time being. Feel free to add to it, including the other mysteries, any rumours, and any conclusions you come to.

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