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4. More egg weirdness: In banjo-kazooie mumbo shows 3 pictures; the ice key, the pink egg and the blue egg from gobi's valley. In BT they give you FOUR of the secret items, the key, the pink and blue eggs, and yellow one we weren't meant to know about. If they'd only given us the secrets we'd been shown you could say we should have been patient, but since we hacked the game and found out more than we should have done Rare were punishing us by giving us only what we should know. If they put all the secret items from BK in that would be fine too...but why do we have either one extra or three less than we should have?
how do you know we were only to obtain 7 items? in summary, this is what I think happened:

after completing about half of the SNS coding ( with some of the coding in process) they ask nintendo/nintendo finds out about a hot swapping tecniqe used with a built in microchip that pretains data for 30 seconds. since Nintendo dosn't agree with the process that might harm the chip, they ask them to delete the funtion. Some remains still exist from finished programming not wanting to be deleted due to thinking no one would find it and might react with bugs to other options.

but thats my opinion.

edit: isn't discussions like these at least 3 years old?
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