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Originally Posted by TowerOfTragedy View Post
Fungi Forest = Clanker's Cavern.

THIS^ you beat me to it

Originally Posted by Killiax View Post
Clankers Cavern had the Fungus Forest song, that doesn't Necessarily mean that it has to be the same lavel, the song coulda of just been recycled like the level as well seeing as it wouldn't fit Clanker's Cavern style
True, but you'll notice the whole level was completely different and more natural:

(I love Shadowbulba's videos)

I personally think Click Clock Woods and Fungus Forest do hold a connection, though. I mean I find it a little odd that Fungi Forest just happens to have a big clock in it and is time based almost more than a level named Click Clock Woods.

Originally Posted by DragonBottles View Post
The reason I don't think that Fungus Forest became Clankers Cavern is because both of the levels were in the original 15 levels. It can't have been replaced by a level that was already planned, that evades sense.
Did the confirmed level list come out before, or after the footage of beta Clanker's Cavern did? If it came out after, then perhaps it was the opposite and Clanker's Cavern was part of Fungus Forest.

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