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What you say about this 4 eggs explanationink Egg(BK),Blue Egg(BK),Pink Egg(BT),Blue Egg(BT)
Maybe to unlock BR legally we should open secret SNS Room in BT(behind Quagmire door?).There 2 pads will be pink and blue.This will explain why Rare put pink and blue eggs in BT.Players who not have BK will be use those eggs.So in fact there will be 2 ways to unlock BR:with SNS(swap pink and blue eggs from BK) and without SNS(use eggs that you collect in BT).After using eggs player should hatch eggs via Heggy.Werid to me is that yellow egg NOT became from BK pak.I don't think so that Rare was not include way to unlock BR for players without BK(if BR is SNS prize).Maybe...This is just idea.

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