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Originally Posted by Yiffgurl View Post
yeah its fine graphically but it hasnt aged better in general than mario 64
i kinda despise this comparison, although the 90s might be to blame for pitting the two against eachother in general. banjo-kazooie and mario 64 are on two different points in the spectrum of 3d platforming IMO. mario 64 is great when it comes to pulling off multi-spacial parkour esque moves to perform shallow video game-y tasks (and that's not at all bad). banjo kazooie on the other hand, contrary to the guise of the multifaceted moveset (which is ultimately superficial as banjo, regardless of kazooie, can never move as smoothly or gracefully as mario) is more about the exploration and becoming immersed in this large disneylandian world, full of colorful characters and charming artifacts all of which you can interact with in a broader way than you're capable of in mario 64. it really just boils down (in my mind) to the comparison of a simple playground, where you can roam around free of rules on very simple and indistinct infrastructure, and an amusement park where you're bound by rules but the scope and appeal of the world is so immersive that it doesn't bother you.

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pet sounds was better

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