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Seriously. New Banjo-Kazooie was very unlikely after revelation of Yooka-Laylee. I think that Playtonic could never start Y-L Kickstarter if Rare could developing new Banjo. I'm verry happy about what we got from Rare at E3 2015. NO Kinect Sports!!!

Rare Replay is fantastic gift for hardcore Rare fans. I can't believe that they will release it pretty soon - August 4!

Sea Of Thieves looks very promising and i really hope so that it is a remake of Dream. It would be cool to see Blackeye and Banjo cameos. It is Gregg Mayles's game so cameos are very possible! This new IP is much better move than doing another sequel to the old IP like NB2 or another Perfect Dark.

Pretty good show Rare!
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