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i don't know if anyone has talked about this yet, but my favorite moment here in the rare witch project is the april fools day joke from about a year ago (i think). i believe it was started by coolboyman and it was about him supposedly finding new colored eggs in banjo-tooie. since it came out about two months before april fools day, a lot of people thought it was real. still others wouldn't believe it for a second. still others chose not to completely believe it, but they decided to keep an open mind and to trust that the answer would soon come. i fit in more with option 3, even though i wasn't posting alot at that time. everybody went crazy over this. arguements errupted. people were clammering for evidence to prove it false and evidence to prove it true. i think the purple one was the first to come out with an orange and some others soon to follow. the videos made it seem so convincing . and on top of that, there was a screen shot reveiled for jetpack refuelled with the players being named coolboyman and orange egg. that added so much fuel to the fire. it was one of the most exciting times in RWP history. noone can even come close to topping that joke, because noone is going to believe it anymore.

i hope i'm not too late for this one because i just got home. this RWP bash was a great idea
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