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Somehow, knowing RWP, I figured this would turn to Poképhilia at some point. Yet, somehow, knowing RWP, I didn't expect it a couple posts in.

Originally Posted by Yiffgurl View Post
im always down to discuss gens I & II stuff but i pretty much check out of any post-gsc discussion at this point
I never understood this, how there's so many people who are still fond of gens I and II and yet don't so much as glance at the new generations. I mean...why? If you still like the old ones, then what isn't to like about the new ones? I'm genuinely confused.... But the Pokémon was a worldwide phenomenon, so, whatever.

I mean people generally like some generations better than others but I mean I don't get why 'everything after Crystal = BAD' in so many people's minds.
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