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D/P/Pt is definitely the majority of people's least favorite generation. It's my favorite, though. I know it has plenty of faults, but I don't care about them too much.

I quite like the idea behind the Sinnoh region. Picture this: It's a large island-nation far up north, relatively far away from everything else. The climate is cold and snowy, and the environment is full of desaturated colors. The entire region is split down the middle by a massive mountain range which looms over everything, and right in the middle, at the top of that looming peak of perhaps the tallest mountain in the world, though nobody knows they're there, are the gods of that universe. And they're hiding in plain sight, visible whenever you look up.

I just love how sequestered and..I dunno, special, the region feels. It always feels like there's someone watching you.... Though I may not play D/P/Pt very often they're still my favorite thematically and overall.
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