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Week 5 - Results

Sorry for the delayed results, I was busy with the podcast.

We asked our contestants to write a fictional news story for the front page of the main site. We gave them a brief bit of information and expected them to expand on it and make it their own. Below are the submitted articles, with bolded corrections.

Danny Trabajo
This was probably the most direct article which consequently was the shortest. It seems like Danny has studied the previous articles and opted for a 'discuss on the forums' approach at the end.
Details have emerged from Rare that they are working on a brand new Banjo game, specifically designed to utilise Natal. Speaking to Kotaku, Gregg Mayles confirmed that the project exists and will be Rare's first game to use Microsoft's motion control device. He did not clarify how Natal will be implemented, however did confirm that the game was a return to the platforming style of the original games following the poor sales of Nuts and Bolts.

We asked Rare for further comment but they were unable to reveal any more about the project, which is speculated to be released in time for Winter 2010. When further details do emerge, you'll hear them here first.

How do you feel about the news? Are you happy Banjo is scrapping the vehicles in favour of traditional platforming? How do you think Natal would be best utilised? Feel free to discuss the issue on the forums.
This was a more imaginitive article which gave the reader a lot to think about in regards to the potential of the game. We replaced the beginning of the 3rd paragraph which originally started with Rare because it was a repitition of the previous paragraph.
Imagine being a bear. Imagine being able to walk and move like a bear. Imagine having the strength of a bear. Well, you won't have to imagine for much longer.

Rare have just announced that they will be working on a new Banjo game, and not just any Banjo game. Plans are that the game will be using Natal, allowing players to actually act as the bear...and bird of course.

The Twycross developer hasn't released any proper details as of yet, but has mentioned that it will be returning back to the old school Banjo platforming days, which will please many old fans.

One thing that is sure to be on the minds of the fans is the potential storyline. With Grunty being stuck in LOG's factory for an eternity, who will be Banjo's new nemesis? Will Bottles become evil in a shock-horror plot twist? Will Boss Boom Box piece himself back together to terrorise Spiral Mountain? Will Tootie ever make a return? So many questions to be asked, with so little information being given.

How will a new Banjo game work with Natal? Imagine leaning over backwards and bending your legs at awkward angles to imitate the Talon Trot, or lying on your couch, flapping your arms up and down to fly! The possibilities are limitless, and knowing Rare, that means some crazy stuff is probably in store for us fans.

Keep an eye on the RWP. We'll keep you updated as more information is released!
I didn't like the blog style opening to this article, but with that out the way I liked how the article delivered the main news then deviated slightly with a mini game history, later reinforcing the main purpose of the article. There's even a little humour at the end, poking fun at the massive delay between the last two games.
I am proud to relay this information to you; Rare has announced that they're making a Banjo game using Microsoft's new Project Natal technology. If that wasn't enough, they also said that it will return to its platforming roots!

When Nuts and Bolts was released, there was much conflict among the Banjo fans. It seems half liked the new vehicle-based challenges, while the other half longed for a more, traditional platforming style. Rare certainly did take a leap with this new vehicle idea, and it seemed to do moderately well. Nuts and Bolts received rather good reviews. "Nothing outstanding, but a good buy if you get the chance." is what most reviewers said.

On the flip side, when Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie was released by a mostly unknown company to the masses by the name of Rareware, it really took off. Kazooie and Tooie received multiple outstanding reviews, and even challenged the platform ruler, Mario in Super Mario 64. Banjo-Kazooie and Banjo-Tooie are perceived as the best platform games of all time, by Rare fans.

With The announcement that Rare will be using Microsoft's Natal technology, and that it will be returning to its platforming roots is sure to excite many. Paying homage to the first two games, Banjo-Fourie (Tentative title, courtesy of the Rare Witch Project forums) will be interesting to follow through it's development process.

As the #1 place to get all your Rare information, we will provide updates on this matter the second new information is released, all the way to release day and onward.

Here's to hoping this one won't take ten years to make!
You may notice that there are some articles missing. Minjo and Ice Lightning didn't do anything so they are cut from the competition. With just three contestants left, we really are separating the men from the boys. Because of the two eliminations this week, and because of the multi layered challenges we've have planned, it just means we'll have to cram them into the remaining weeks, so it's more work for you guys.

As for the two forums, they should still be continually moderated for the remainder of the competition.

Congratulations to our final three. Danny Trabajo, IbanezerIceFAIL and greatman3388
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