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Originally Posted by Siege View Post
So you pretty much have to do some independent research at this point.
no, mojobojo knows how! I'll do some research on C#, but also wait for some advice from him. He's done the mod before.
- I can't give up now! Not when I'm so close. Just remember the replies that cheered me up.
I need a reply that is helpful, like these.
Originally Posted by mojobojo View Post
Weighta, I took a quick look. What you are going to need to do is download and compile my CAFF extractor (can be found here) and extract the file "Game\Bundle\4f\234cec". There will be a file output with the name "aid_vehicle_banjox_general_golfcart,1219826133,3. 32". There are some other files like that too. Those are the vehicle files that I think need to be modified.
Originally Posted by Siege View Post
I'll answer two questions:
A) It's C# code
B) You'll need visual studio

Good luck.
I just need one of these good, helpful, replies to tell me how to use CAFF extractor in Visual Studio. -And I'm pretty much then done.

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