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The rest is up for me to figure out now...
Ill do my best.

To all of you that I have insulted, blown up to you, and/or was being ignorant to. I am very sorry
I'm sorry if I took my anger out on everybody here. I see now, and I am ashamed. My life depression shouldn't be taken out on you innocent people. This little game has been a thing to me since I was 6 Years old. This is one of the most painful anxiety attacks Iv'e ever had this year. I lost my one chance from someone who took Ice Mario's research, to tell me how to mod the game. And when he replied that text to me about using his program I wanted to jump out my window and scream I was so happy, I thought I was complete. It's all my fault for screwing up and telling you to.. Compress my vehicle "For Me", And.. "Hand Me" a modified file. mojo will never help me again . I forgot to tell him how proud I was for him making a CAFFextracter (Common Asset File Format extractor), I didn't appreciate any of the work he's done. I love this website, but sometimes I feel like people are kind of stubborn. But I am wrong. Thanks for trying to help with my situation. I hate how I acted. The very least I can do is apologize. Please do forgive me. Until the next time...

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