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A lot of my memories of RWP History derive from my lurking days. When I first heard of Stop 'N' Swop I was very interested in it and loved to read about it here and what everyone had to contribute. I've seen things happen here such as april fool's. I would've never thought that I'd actually end up posting on the site but not long ago in May when all the new N&B information was released I was reading about it from the forums but then when there was too much activity, the viewing power of Guests was limited. I decided to finally join because of this. At first I wasn't sure if I'd be able to join as I attempted to join back in 2006 but seeing as I had never activated that account I was able to use this one, I assume. I posted a welcome topic and didn't think I'd post any more than that. However, all of the members here are so nice and awesome that I felt welcomed and I became a regular poster. I've enjoyed my short time here and plan on staying here even longer.

Also, I've really enjoyed the RWP Bash. I saw it as a good way for me to be part of the community and I had fun participating and contributing something for each day. It was really a great week.

Oh and thanks for the mention Wolfe.