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Originally Posted by Wolfe Logan View Post
Wow, you guys have a lot of cool memories. I haven't been here that long, really, as most of you know. Four months (almost) is small potatoes compared to many of you. However, I do have some memorable moments.

One that springs to mind is when I realized what 'tl;dr' meant, and then realized it did apply to me and my ranting. That argument over religion was a good one, and I think I finally exasperated Grey with my endless (and somewhat pointless) information. I look at that as a good memory, though... It was fun to do, in an odd sort of way, and it helped me see that arguing for the sake of arguing isn't worth it.

There are many hilarious/important moments that come to mind, but jabbering on about them all is pointless. So, I'll just comment on some of the amazing pals I've made here.

jim : I have to say, at first I wasn't sure what to think of you. Maybe it was the quote issue (lol ), or making fun of my typos (also ). But you were a nice enough sort, I reckoned, so I decided to not just bluntly end the conversation, but to let it play out. That conversation hasn't ended yet... rofl. XD Thanks for becoming a great pal.

Dee : You were one of the first people to really talk to me, and you definitely deserve that friendliest member award. You find a way to meet and greet every new person, and help them feel welcome.

ConkerTribe : Funny thing... I don't think we could stand each other at first. lol But then you told me that you didn't want disagreements to keep us from becoming friends, and I agreed. Many funny moments later, and... We're as tight as Mumbo and Wolf.

Kay-Tee, Arti, and Dox : Yes, I'm counting you as a group. XD You guys always make me laugh, and having you on 'my team' has been a blast. You're swell buddies, pals.

Minjo : You had me at WolfeIsLogan. rofl But seriously, you're one of the funnier people on this site, and a pal I didn't expect to make, but I'm glad I did. The RWP needed you back, imo.

pgpm10, Bartimaeus, Yoshi52, mafefe, kfred, SSJ3 Gogeta, L-Button, Fox McBanjo : Between the chat room, Ask Wolf, and SWA, you guys have been awesome to get to know, and talk with (yes, even you, mafefiosa). Thanks for the fun times.

Mandy : We aren't exactly tight, I know, but you've always been helpful, and you're a lotta fun to talk to in chat (you even made me a shirt!), lol. You do great work here, and you deserved member of the year!

Ecks : I hated to see you leave the site, but I know you have some things you need to sort through. Best of luck with that Ecksy, and thanks for being a friend.

Other people that need mentioning (in a-to-z order) : Banjo-Rare-Man (I enjoy our talks!), Banjo64, BanjoBoy123, BlueytheWalrus (SOUP, Bluey, SOUP), Chewbacca, Cobelcog, Danny Trabajo, donkey_kazooie, Fallen, Gaming Master2k, George K. (it's all about the GK), Gold Jinjo, greatman3388, Grey Jinjo (I'm glad you don't hate me, ), Gruntling, gscodeseeker, Hylian1, IbanezerIceman, IKM, John, Kablamooie (The friggin' hilarious Dr. Kab!), Kain Horward, LoMoNoCrAt, Lordchander, maggotcandy (wash the dishes right now!), Mandolin, Mister Mxyzptlk (*poof!*), Princess J, RarecareBear, Rickwakefan123, Shadow Angel, Shaz, Silent Warrior, skine99, Smouvy, ssj, Stephen Colbert, Tanjo, The Doob, Theguyoverthere, Tommy Walker, and ZackV93 ("Zack really wanted a line in this ff" XD)... (If I've missed one of you, I apologize profusely)

I could go on and on, but that's plenty, yeah? Thanks, RWP, for being so swell.

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