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Originally Posted by I PITY K.ROO! View Post
Hell YES!!! Dude You rock! Just Out of curiosity Could you rip all the Tracks with Grunty's theme in it? I'm assuming by the intro there's more than one variation. if you can do that your a god.
That's the theme I'm looking for right now, Grunty's theme is one of my favourite melodies ever! =D

@Whyme: It's easy, once you have the game and you have access to the hidden sectors on the Xbox 360 disc(/iso). Tell me when you got there.

EDIT -> This ripping is really hard though. You extract the big files from the disc, and you look at them with a RAW view. Most of the time, you find nothing. So far, I only had some luck with the file that contained Showdown Town, Terrarium of Terror and the Jiggosseum.

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