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The number-one reason people prefer the Xbox port is that it "fixed" the music notes by making them permanently collectable, but imho that sucks all the challenge out of the game. There are zero repercussions for dying on Xbox. If you ask me, the only really good thing the ports did was fix the framerate in Tooie. Everything else is better on N64.

By the way, the NSO version actually fixed a glitched texture in the portal to Freezeezy Peak. I think that's literally the only change they made, and I never would have noticed if someone hadn't posted pics on Twitter. (I never even noticed the original texture was glitched!)

Anyhoo, I actually did upgrade my NSO subscription to play Banjo-Kazooie and yep, it's still a great game. I even found a cool glitch: if you turn into a washing machine via Bottles's puzzle, then go to Mad Monster Mansion and turn into a pumpkin, and then leave MMM and walk towards the Gobi's Valley picture until the magic runs out, you'll be propelled uncontrollably backwards until you either fall off the ledge or hit a wall. That's probably been documented, but it was new to me.

Can't wait for Tooie to get on NSO too, since that one's even better!
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