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I just made a soundboard out of Ableton for the first time and it was really fun! I have the guy from Windwaker that says "Splish" and "KaBOOM" at my beck and call whenever I want him. And also dumb stuff like Banjo saying "UH-OH" and the marching song Link plays in Majora's Mask to wrangle up all the baby chicks.

Also it's easier than ever to trigger the Water Temple theme and I'm just over here living in my best way

EDIT: on the path to be a content creator because my narcissism tells me it would work. Trying to get my setup to be easy so that I can do the same thing every time and streamline it. Can't wait to start streaming again!

DOUBLE EDIT: Just got done with my first stream in years and it was SO MUCH FUN. A couple of friends even joined in so that chat wasn't so silent the whole time! It's fun to be back out there producing stuff again!
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