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The Banjo Kazooie Series General Discussion about the Banjo Kazooie series from the N64 classics to the handheld sequels & new Xbox games.

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Old 18th February 2021, 04:33 AM
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How Stop n Swop MAY Have functioned.

Hey guys.

I've been watching several Stop n swop related videos lately as we now have more information. I have an idea in my head on how the feature MAY have functioned between all the rare games. There is some evidence to support my theories, from interviews with rare employees, and removed beta content. One thing that I noticed as well when playing BK, there is also a connection between the six rare games in BK itself.

Part 1: Ice Key and DK64

1.Go to Banjo’s house (Bk). Look at Tooties picture (which was originally DK)
2. Pull BK Cartridge out with the power switched on and insert DK.
3.Dk Loads but loads DK’s house Bk /shower cutscene. You are warped to crystal caves.
4. When you get warped to Crystal caves there used to be a lever. Pull the lever. There is a cutcam of Ice Key
5. Pull out DK64 and Insert Bk. You get warped to wozzas cave. Ice key is accessible.
6. Pull out Bk and insert DK. Ice Key is now accessible in DK too. You are awarded a secret ending in DK

Part 2: The Purple Egg and Banjo Tooie.

1.In Banjo Tooie. Go to Jolly’s bar.
2. Encountering Blackeye and being in the bar triggers something in the games memory.
3.Pull out BT and put in BK
4.Sharkfood island is now raised. The Purple egg is collectable.
5.Pull out Bk and insert BT. Collect the Purple egg in BT. You are awarded homing eggs.

Part 3: The Blue Egg and Goldeneye

Definitely one of the six games, but I’m unsure on how this process would have worked. It would have been a case of pulling out BT, then sticking in Goldeneye, then going back to BK to collect the blue egg, and using it in Goldenye.

Part 4: Mad Monster mansion, 2 eggs and Perfect Dark

1.Pictures of Joanna in MMM that link with Perfect Dark
2.Complete unknown tasks in Perfect Dark. Pull out cart. Switch to BK
3.Green Egg and Cyan Egg are accessible in BK
4. Switch back to perfect dark
5. Rewarded 2 passwords Casandra’s Necklace and multiplayer code? (They were incomplete removed codes).
There is more than one picture of Blackeye in MMM which indicates that RBB and the Captains Cabin is the next piece of the puzzle!

Part 5: The Red Egg and Tooie (Again)

1.The red egg somehow can only be triggered if Sharkfood island is raised. (hint was given in the control room in RBB)
2. Complete an unknown task for Blackeye in Tooie.
3. Pull out Tooie Insert Kazooie.
4. Red egg available.Collect red egg. Pull out Kazooie and insert Tooie
5. Rewarded Breagul Bash in Tooie

Picture of Conker in RBB which indicates the next game to play is Conker

Part 6: Yellow egg and Conker
1.Complete unknown task in Conkers Twelve tales.
2. Has it got something to do with a female squirrel? She is generated in BK only when egg is activated.
3. Complete task in Conker. Take out cartridge.Insert BK
4. Yellow egg available
6. Collect yellow egg. You now have all the SNS items.Pull out BK, Switch to Conker
7.Unknown reward in Conker???

If all done systematically correct, it may have unlocked something in BK as that was the original game / source.
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Old 19th February 2021, 12:31 AM
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SNS was never going to require changing cartridges with the power on. It relied on a quirk of hardware that persisted memory for a short time after powering off.
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