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Old 26th April 2009, 02:19 AM
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DK64 Kiosk Character Mod

Hello, RWP! I'm not much on flashy introductions, but I found these Character Mod codes using Art-Money months ago. I still haven't hacked out an actual global character mod, but this is good enough for now. Now we can see all of the playable characters in the Kiosk version with their proper behaviors!

Edit: I now know that Rune posted two of these codes for Donkey already, but he didn't include the others.

Behavior Modifiers (use values 01)
81707DD2 00?? Donkey Kong (found by runehero123)
81707DE2 00?? Diddy Kong
81707DF2 00?? Lanky Kong (Unused)
81707E02 00?? Tiny Kong (Unused)
81707E12 00?? Chunky Kong
81707E22 00?? Rambi (Unused)
81707E32 00?? Enguarde (Unused)
81707E42 00?? Squawks 1 (Unused)
81707E52 00?? Squawks 2 (Unused)
Values - 01:
02 - Donkey Kong/Squawks
03 - Diddy Kong
04 - Lanky Kong
05 - Tiny Kong
06 - Chunky Kong
07 - Rambi
08 - Enguarde
Unknown 1 (use values 02)
81707DD6 00?? Donkey Kong
81707DE6 00?? Diddy Kong
81707DF6 00?? Lanky Kong (Unused)
81707E06 00?? Tiny Kong (Unused)
81707E16 00?? Chunky Kong
81707E26 00?? Rambi (Unused)
81707E36 00?? Enguarde (Unused)
81707E46 00?? Squawks 1 (Unused)
81707E56 00?? Squawks 2 (Unused)

Values - 02:
00 - Donkey Kong/Enguarde/Squawks
01 - Diddy Kong
02 - Lanky Kong
03 - Tiny Kong
04 - Chunky Kong
05 - Rambi
Image Modifiers (use values 03)
81707DDA 00?? Donkey Kong (found by runehero123)
81707DEA 00?? Diddy Image
81707DFA 00?? Lanky Image (Unused)
81707E0A 00?? Tiny Image (Unused)
81707E1A 00?? Chunky Image
81707E2A 00?? Rambi Image (Unused)
81707E3A 00?? Enguarde Image (Unused)
81707E4A 00?? Squawks 1 Image (Unused)
81707E5A 00?? Squawks 2 Image (Unused)

Rune already posted the Donkey image modifier, along with the image values in that ginormous thread long ago, but here are the essential character values:
Values - 03:
01 - Diddy Kong
03 - Donkey Kong
04 - Lanky Kong
06 - Tiny Kong
07 - Chunky Kong
0E - Rambi
12 - Enguarde
18 - Squawks
Unknown 2
81707DDE ???? Donkey ?
81707DEE ???? Diddy ?
81707DFE ???? Lanky ? (Unused)
81707E0E ???? Tiny ? (Unused)
81707E1E ???? Chunky ?
81707E2E ???? Rambi ? (Unused)
81707E3E ???? Enguarde ? (Unused)
81707E4E ???? Squawks 1 ? (Unused)
81707E5E ???? Squawks 2 ? (Unused)

This value is 1000 for every character but the two Squawks values, where it is 0000.

Here are some of my notes:
  • Donkey and Chunky don't respond to controls in the Mine Cart area, although they do have a riding animation. Getting hit with any character plays Diddy's hurt sound.
  • Krusha is absent.
  • Some of the characters have missing/different sounds. For example, try out Lanky's spin move (B while running)!
  • Most of the characters don't have their proper Z+B moves. Instead, they do Tiny's slide move. Perhaps we can find a code to give the characters all of their moves?

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Old 26th April 2009, 07:22 AM
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You found all these with Art-Money? That's pretty impressive. Nice work.
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Old 26th April 2009, 12:37 PM
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these mods ar all really fun to use
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Old 26th April 2009, 11:08 PM
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I also posted the Kong Modifier code in that thread .

Also, below the image list you will find my Kong modifier, which will let you play as Tiny, Diddy, Lanky, Enguarde, and Rambi!
Originally Posted by Rune
Kong modifier (Donkey)
80707DD3 00XX

0002 - Donkey Kong
0003 - Diddy kong
0004 - Lanky
0005 - Tiny
0006 - Chunky
0007 - Rambi
0008 - Enguarde
Oh, and download Renegade 64 or EX, it has alot of useful tools for searching N64 games.

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Old 27th April 2009, 12:40 AM
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I've tried both Renegade64 and EX on my computer, but 64 keeps spitting out Run-time errors when doing a code search, and EX stops responding entirely when I try to.

And yes, I do have the Visual Basic 6 files.

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codes, donkey kong 64

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