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Old 21st December 2012, 12:53 PM
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Post Dust 514

Dust 514 is a F2P, massively multiplayer online FPS game that is currently in a Closed Beta and exclusive to the PS3.
The game is developed by CCP games which are better known for the Player run Universe MMO game called EvE Online.

One of the most exciting aspects of Dust 514 is that it actually connects with EvE to influence the game-play. A Dust Bunny (term for a Dust 514 ground soldier) can call in an EvE pilot, who is likely having his own battle up in the space above the planet/moon that the Dust players are on, to strike locations with a space-to-ground laser bombardment.
Another powerful system of interaction is the ability of EvE players to contract Dust 514 corporations. Both games use the same currency, ISK (Inter-Steller Kredits), which allows EvE pilots to pay Dust 514 mercenaries in order to conquer locations. The Dust players use the ISK to fund their weapons, armour, skills, vehicles etc whilst the EvE player can profit from the captured location.

Dust 514 is far more complex than any console fps in terms of player customisation. When the game first starts you create a character, choose your race, alignment, gender, name and so on. It is possible to have more than one character with a maximum of 3. Your Dropsuit which is you, your armour, your weapons... everything, can be fitted out with many augmentations to suit your play style. This is a class based FPS like TF2, however, If you choose to be a Heavy you can still specialise in any weapon, add augmentations to improve stealth capabilities and train skills to become good at engineer style tasks.

There are two other forms of currency used in Dust 514. The first is Aurum, used on the market to buy weapons, blue-prints and augs. The second is Skill Points. These are earned both passively, whether logged on or off, and actively through battle. Skill Points are needed to train skills which in turn let you use weapons, augs and vehicles.

Vehicles are a feature set to become very important elements, especially in the larger scale battles, of Dust 514. Vehicles are expensive to deploy on the battlefield and even if the dropship delivering one should not be destroyed there is still the matter of having trained yor skills to drive or fly them. These vehicles can even be customised for better shielding, the ability to use afterburners and types of weapon attachments. Unlike many games not everyone will be able to hop into a tank or dropship and go careening about the battle-zone. Some players will need to specialise as pilots or drivers or turret operators. Squads will need an anti-vehicle specialist or a vehicle-repair specialist.

Don't expect to plow through your skill training quickly. With the number of skills available in the beta right now CCP estimates that it would take about 7 years to train them all. Even purchasers of Aurum may only knock a year or two off of that average.
There are many more features yet to be implemented in Dust 514 such as customisable training grounds, land installations, larger scale battles, improved corp management and possibly vehicle decals. Dust even supports M+KB (as hopefully many future console FPS will) alongside Dualshock and PS Move controls.

Okay. Marketing mode over.
Is anyone here other than me currently in the beta?
Do any of you plan to get into the upcoming open beta?

Charmed, I'm sure...
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Old 22nd December 2012, 07:21 PM
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I don't have a PS3, but the dynamics of tieing a MMO with a fps is very cool
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Old 22nd December 2012, 09:38 PM
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Oh hey, look, a reason for me to boot up my PS3 again.
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